Here is our guess – you started your brewery out of a love – a love for a particular recipe or two of beer. A love for having your own business. A love for getting to spend your day with your customers. We bet you did not start your brewery out of a love for paperwork! Alas, there is that (even if you choose to ignore that) – especially when it comes to TTB Reporting. However, that is where our love comes into play.

Our passion, besides hanging out at our favorite local breweries, is helping people like you focus on what you love. And we love doing that through technology. So, as we hung out at our favorite breweries and brewery owners found out about our love, they said “show us some love and help us with a tool to deal with TTB Reporting.” So, that’s why we developed BrewStream.

As we built BrewStream, we noticed two things…

One, the guys and gals in the brew house don’t like to do paperwork. They rather be doing what they love – sloshing around in and making beer. Oh, and they love their smartphones.

Two, the owner, who knows they are on the hook for the TTB Report, has to hound the brew house people for the information the owner needs – daily. Then the owner spends a fair amount of time working on the TTB report.

The solution…

One, let the people in the brew house quickly record what they did on their own smartphone, letting them get back to sloshing.

Two, let the owner print the TTB Report with one click, as well as see everything going on through a cool dashboard.

Everyone focuses on their love – not paperwork and TTB Reporting.

Let us show you our love. Sign up for BrewStream today, or learn more about us, and fall completely back in love with your love.

(Now to have a beer after all that love!)