So, related to what you love – have you stopped and thought about how much your time is worth? And, in reality, how much TTB Reporting is costing you?

Think about it this way:

Let’s say you spend half an hour per day chasing down transfer, packaging and shipping information from your employees.

Then, let’s say you spend 1 hour a quarter doing the TTB Report.

That’s 134 hours per year.

Now, say you value your time at $50 / hour. Sure, maybe you are not getting a paycheck yet if you are just starting out, but you are the CEO of your brewery; the captain of your ship. So, we think your time is worth at least that and probably more.

That means it is costing you close to $7,000 per year to do TTB Reporting. Repeat: $7,000!

So, let’s help you make some of that back.

If you use BrewStream, you will get back over $5,000 in your real (or virtual) Brite Beer Tank or your pocket.

Isn’t that a no-brainer? You should go sign up today! ? Seriously; that’s why we made BrewStream, so you can spend your time (and money) on what you love – not on TTB Reporting time, paperwork and cost.

Microbrewery owners – want to put over $5,000 back in your pocket or brewery? Find out how!