TTB reporting faster than you can drink a pint of beer.


The Problem You Face

You Are On The Hook

As a brewery, you have to collect data and keep records on every drop of beer you brew.

Your Employees Try

Your employees try hard to remember to collect the information you need – writing it on Brew Logs, slips of papers, sticky notes. But at the end of the day, they just want to be brewing.

You Pull Your Hair Out

Come reporting time, you are spending hours to days chasing down what you need to get your TTB Brewer’s Report of Operations done.

How We Make Your Life Easier


The tool that makes your employees smile.
  • BrewStream TapPad
  • TapPad is where employees record Transfers, Kegging and Packaging.
  • Runs on any Internet connected device.  Employees can even use their own phones if you want.  Your data is safe.
  • Quick to Access – doesn’t require complicated login, just a quick Personal Identification Number.
  • Employees record what they (and you) need to with just a couple of taps.
  • Zero learning curve – speaks your employee’s language, brewing, not TTB’s
  • Have as many employees use TapPad as you want.  No per user fees.


The tool that makes you smile.
  • BrewStream Cloud
  • Setup your Employees
  • Setup your Tanks
  • Setup your Packaging
  • See Transfers and Packaging employees have entered.
  • Edit Transfers
  • Edit Packaging
  • Ship Brew
  • Preview and Print your TTB Report – Brewer’s Report of Operations (TTB F 5130.9) in one click.
  • Have as many employees use Cloud as you want.  No per user fees.

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⇒ Dramatically cut your TTB Reporting time. ⇐

Even if you only spend a couple of hours a month collecting data and doing your TTB report, your time is valuable – BrewStream will save you time and money immediately.

⇒ Spend more time doing what you love. ⇐

Letting you achieve this is our mission!

⇒ Be up and running immediately.  ⇐

We will send you a quick questionnaire that will take 10 minutes max to fill out.  We setup the system for you.  Then, you and your employees can start using BrewStream immediately! 

⇒ You Get TapPad  ⇐

Have as many employees as you want use TapPad in your brewery!

⇒ You Get Cloud  ⇐

Keep your finger (and other’s fingers as you want) on the pulse of the brewery.  Click to generate your TTB Brewers Report of Operations.

⇒ You get to be on the ground floor of something new.  ⇐

We value your input – and want to hear from you on how we can make this the perfect tool for you and your employees.

All of this – just $75 / month.

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